Changes in Strawberry v6.4.34 (2024-07-08)

  • New: [Kumulate] Add an option to remove archived projects from Kumulate’s storage after successful retrieval.
  • New: [Kumulate] Allow for setting the number of days after which an archived Kumulate project will be purged from Kumulate’s storage and Strawberry. The purge date is set when the project is archived and based on custom metadata.
  • Changed: [Ngenea] Allow to archive empty projects using Ngenea.
  • Changed: (Breaking) Removed double extension for editing proxies. What was is now
  • Fixed: CentOS repositories were not reachable anymore.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.33 (2024-05-31)

  • New: Universal offline installer with support for running the application on Ubuntu using Docker.
  • Fixed: Race condition when creating database folders during parallel import of multiple assets with identical folder structures.
  • Fixed: Cleanup process for ‘re-archived’ Ngenea (Pixit) projects did not properly dehydrates deny-listed files.
  • Fixed: Notifications for mentions in project descriptions did not properly load the project.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.32 (2024-03-07)

  • New: Support for new custom XML sidecar format.
  • New: Support for files with timecode track frame rate that differs from the video track frame rate.
  • Changed: When a Skies subscription expires, admin users also lose access.
  • Changed: Reduced queue priority for Pixstor archive cleanup jobs.
  • Changed: Cleanup of ‘re-archived’ Ngenea (Pixit) projects now dehydrates files that are linked between two archived projects.
  • Changed: Default timeout for Archiware commands is now 1h.
  • Changed: Users can no longer `rescan` projects via the UI; they can only `reindex`, which is more efficient.
  • Changed: The “Track Down File” feature now only operates on the selected asset.
  • Changed: Email input fields are now case-insensitive
  • Fixed: The email validator failed when the email address includes caps after a hyphen symbol.
  • Fixed: Leading and trailing whitespace characters were removed from file paths when archiving using Archiware.
  • Fixed: Sharing an asset via email applied the default Skies tier for PAM users.
  • Fixed: Stuck indexer not being cleaned up by WatchDog because a WatchDogStatus record was not created.
  • Fixed: Library ingest created duplicate assets for files that already existed in the library when using `artifact_exists = ignore`.
  • Fixed: Project permissions were too open while retrieving them from the archive (and after a retrieval failed).
  • Fixed: Potential hard crash of processes when a thread causes an exception.
  • Fixed: Filtered project list in the admin panel showed non-matching projects whenever their attributes changed in the database.
  • Fixed: Kumulate archive strategies were not configurable in the admin panel.
  • Fixed: HKN/GEMA export encountered issues with inconsistent Premiere project files.
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13185
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13193
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13189
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13187
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13184
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13186
  • Fixed: DTCISECRSK-13188

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.31 (2024-01-08)

  • Fixed: Repository changes for PostgreSQL.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.30 (2023-12-01)

  • New: Linking the same updated Mediator package into a project again will perform a “smart merge” operation and only add new files to the project.
  • New: ActionCable feedback channel for the global notification list.
  • New: Users created via the API can be set to a third-party authentication method.
  • New: Connections to the ActionCable feedback channel can be authenticated using an API key.
  • New: Allow to filter the status flags list in the frontend.
  • New: The number of local queue Sidekiq processors can be configured using the `local_queue_sidekiq_processes` setting.
  • New: Files with the extension “.ts” are supported for proxy encoding.
  • Changed: Increased readability of read-only metadata and remove “Mapped / Read-only” label.
  • Changed: All local queue Sidekiq processors are now using 6 threads.
  • Fixed: The indexer tripped over folders when a multiple file asset was deleted while other files were added.
  • Fixed: Scroll position in the admin project list changes in weird ways whenever a project is updated.
  • Fixed: Share via email of an asset is not possible via the context menu when it is also checked.
  • Fixed: Image sequence detection could not be disabled using the `imagesequencing` setting.
  • Fixed: Archive error handling failed to work with frozen strings.
  • Fixed: Team quota warning emails were not sent.
  • Fixed: Wrong Mediator package was linked when two packages (or other multi-file assets) in the target project shared files with the same inode.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.29 (2023-10-16)

  • Fixed: sb-cli does not install properly.
  • Fixed: sb run did not properly execute when given ruby code outside of sb env.
  • Fixed: PDF proxy preview did not work for non-Skies connections.
  • Fixed: Indexer tripped over deleted folders before their jobs processed them.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.28 (2023-08-29)

  • New: Allow to set the open project limit in SEMOPS via “opened_project_limit” CLI setting.
  • New: Introducing an automatic “move archive script” to move archived projects to a different archive strategy after a certain number of days.
  • Changed: Reworked logic behind project size calculation to make it more accurate. See the manual for more details.
  • Changed: Project size calculation is now done whenever changes of the contents are detected.
  • Changed: Allow to download PDF assets in the Skies panel workflows.
  • Fixed: Email notifications for failed annotation PDF creations.
  • Fixed: Move archive operations failed when working with non-internal archive strategies like Archiware, Ngenea or Kumulate.
  • Fixed: The inode of generic files was not correct when ingested from a different storage.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent generic files mtime after de-duplication operation.
  • Fixed: Deduplication email notifications did not respect the `file_size_calculation_basis` setting.
  • Fixed: No status updates when renaming a project via the admin panel.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.27 (2023-06-29)

  • New: Custom project creation widget.
  • Changed: Deduplication dry runs no longer send notifications.
  • Fixed: Deduplication dry run operations overestimated possible space savings in certain scenarios.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.26 (2023-06-15)

  • New: Support for Mediator packages defining their content in their XML file.
  • Fixed: Indexer exception in folders containing multiple image sequences with different ranges but sharing the basename.
  • Fixed: The indexer watchdog did not properly clean up stuck projects.
  • Fixed: The deduplication job raised an exception when a file of an asset was deleted from the filesystem but still present in the database.
  • Fixed: After entering the annotation view by clicking on an annotation it was not possible to re-enter it again.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.25 (2023-05-16)

  • New: File extension-based denylist for proxy creation. Files in this list will be displayed in the Strawberry user interface but no proxy will be created for them. By default, no proxies are created for `.ari` and `.r3d` files.
  • New: The archive and retrieval dates of projects are now stored in the database.
  • Changed: The fingerprinting job no longer raises an exception when files are not present on the file system anymore.
  • Fixed: Using `acls: none` in the Strawrage configuration leads to unexpected behaviour.
  • Fixed: Uploading multiple files at the same time could lead to assets only being visible after a manual rescan of the target container.
  • Fixed: Indexing growing files could lead to proxies being stuck ‘in progress’ indefinitely.
  • Fixed: Deduplication of files failed for very long paths.
  • Fixed: Deduplication of certain files did occasionally not work because of mismatched mtime precision.
  • Fixed: UI glitch in the frontend after the system woke up from sleep.
  • Fixed: Users with a custom role were not shown as such in the admin panel user list.
  • Fixed: User capabilities did not restrict the team list in the project creation modal.
  • Fixed: Users could not be modified until reloading the admin panel after (un)assigning a team.
  • Fixed: Unable to delete two teams sequentially in the admin panel.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.24 (2023-04-14)

  • Fixed: Some jobs (AssetJob and others using `while_executing` as Sidekiq unique lock) could run indefinitely in a loop when their initial runtime was long enough.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.23 (2023-03-16)

  • Fixed: Asset import did not work in the AE panel when the AE project was not saved.
  • Fixed: ‘Share view’ sometimes did not properly load due to a race condition.
  • Fixed: PDF proxies could not be previewed via Skies.
  • Fixed: The frontend indefinitely loaded new pages of search results in some cases.
  • Fixed: Upload progress indicator was not shown in Preditor.
  • Fixed: The force close warning was shown incorrectly in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Missing error messages when a user was not permitted to upload assets to a gallery/project.
  • Fixed: Some email clients showed boilerplate text in notification emails.
  • Changed: Made error message about frontend <-> server connection interruption clearer.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.22 (2023-02-23)

  • Fixed: In SEM with subprojects the frontend did lose track of the correct opened project/subproject state after refreshing the UI.
  • Fixed: Nightly fingerprint job could not be disabled via settings.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.21 (2023-02-20)

  • New: Skies Panel can now access the proxies via the CDN.
  • New: Asset deletions are now synchronized to all connected frontends.
  • Changed: Scrollbars in the user interfaces now use native browser elements.
  • Changed: Adobe Panel can now be used via Skies.
  • Changed: The ‘in project’ view only updates and re-renders when the contents of the current folder has changed.
  • Changed: Added ‘.Trash’ and ‘.Trashes’ to the default folder denylist.
  • Fixed: Setting the global auto import settings would make the feature not work at all.
  • Fixed: Changes to a project broke active in project searches.
  • Fixed: Projects could not be deleted from storage if the ‘media’ directory is a symbolic link.
  • Fixed: Database migrations not working on some systems.
  • Fixed: SMTP configuration did not work when STARTTLS was disabled.
  • Fixed: Loops in custom metadata sets prevented bulk update metadata from working.
  • Fixed: Projects retrieved from the archive did not have their permissions fixed properly.
  • Fixed: Linking single assets from archived projects did retrieve the full project.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.20 (2023-01-27)

  • Fixed: Project close notification emails were not sent.
  • Fixed: Certain Sequence assets caused exceptions when rendered to JSON.
  • Fixed: Asset could lose their proxy files if they shared their path with a different asset at some point in time.
  • Changed: Improved deduplication-related messages in the admin panel.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.19 (2023-01-18)

  • New: Deduplication feature is now generally available and fully exposed in the admin panel.
  • New: Nightly fingerprinting job to ensure all files have fingerprints.
  • New: Custom metadata fields can be marked to be hidden in the project creation modal.
  • Changed: ‘Generator’ custom metadata fields are now read only.
  • Changed: The (generated) project name is now shown in the modal header.
  • Changed: Clean the database from unusable assets.
  • Changed: Removed certain API endpoints that are not supposed to be used.
  • Changed: HKN/GEMA exports now work with Premiere project files using ‘remix clips’.
  • Changed: Files still copied by Mediator are considered part of a Mediator package.
  • Fixed: OIDC logins via the Skies Panel did not work.
  • Fixed: User sign in tracking did not work for OIDC logins.
  • Fixed: Mediator ingest logic sometimes blocked ingest for all files.
  • Fixed: Custom metadata master sets were not showed first.
  • Fixed: Track down did not show the source asset for newly linked files.
  • Fixed: Assets with an unsupported proxy were not linked properly.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.18 (2022-11-16)

  • New: Allow to check out whole projects using the Skies panel.
  • New: Add more information about edits to the admin panel.
  • New: Added the ability to manage project contents via the web interface.
  • New: API endpoint to calculate the project size.
  • New: Allow to retrieve archived project from multiple storages into the first one.
  • New: Update Strawberry job state if an Archiware job was cancelled externally.
  • Changed: Required capabilities for users are checked after login via the Skies panel.
  • Changed: Permissions of project files are always adjusted after retrieving them from the archive.
  • Changed: Missing fingerprints of generic files are generated after they have been retrieved from the archive.
  • Changed: Notification emails are now prettier.
  • Changed: Restructure final Archiware project conversion report.
  • Fixed: CLI did not properly forward the exit code of scripts to the caller.
  • Fixed: Edits with open subprojects could be deleted.
  • Fixed: Proxy playback buttons never hid.
  • Fixed: Installation and upgrade issues related to recent Ruby version bump.
  • Fixed: Upload of assets when using the flat navigation style.
  • Fixed: Startup-related errors not showing up in puma logs because workers are terminated too early.
  • Fixed: Other attributes of an archive strategy could not be changed if the transmission is sha2.
  • Fixed: Fingerprints of generic files were not copied when an asset was linked/copied.
  • Fixed: Indexer-related caches were not removed from Redis when archiving/retrieving/deleting projects.
  • Fixed: Uidgid challenge in classic mode.
  • Fixed: Encrypted LDAP connections could not be easily configured/debugged.
  • Fixed: Library ingest stopped working in certain conditions for multi-file assets/packages.
  • Fixed: API responses rendered stale JSON after updating the fingerprints for generic files.
  • Fixed: `linked_by_user` tracking of generic files. The attribute is re-set for all generic files that share their inode.
  • Fixed: Potential edge case that would prevent the WatchDog from running.
  • Fixed: Fallback to global Archiware index when searching for projects with missing Archiware P5 job ids.
  • Fixed: Always clear the database from project’s archived files in case of Archiware errors during a project conversion.
  • Fixed: Fetching and logging Archiware P5 errors.
  • Fixed: Prevent certain Archiware commands from being automatically re-tried.
  • Fixed: Temporary files being removed prematurely.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.17 (2022-09-28)

  • New: Assigning a quota team on project creation can be made mandatory.
  • Changed: Add creator name of annotations in annotation PDF.
  • Changed: Improved performance of library ingest operations for libraries with many mediator packages.
  • Changed: Mediator package will no longer be moved to the library if a folder with the same name already exists in the root directory.
  • Changed: The UID/GID challenge now waits up to 60 seconds for the files to appear on the filesystem.
  • Fixed: ‘CREATE FOLDER’ context menu entry was shown for projects/libraries.
  • Fixed: Removing orphaned proxy files failed for certain directories.
  • Fixed: Library ingest created broken mediator package assets if related files already existed in the destination.
  • Fixed: Downloading high-res media files made the files inaccessible to editors.
  • Fixed: Proxy deletion trips over files from proxies with an older structure version.
  • Fixed: Deleting folder from the database did not work if the folder was already removed from the filesystem

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.16 (2022-07-19)

  • New: Creation date of API keys is shown in the admin panel.
  • New: Random/sequenced number project custom metadata generator fields.
  • New: Project name generation can be solely based on custom metadata.
  • New: Projects can be created via the web browser.
  • New: Admin panel will block user interactions until it is fully loaded.
  • New: `sb fingerprint` command.
  • New: Project search filters related to Team & Quota management.
  • New: Introduce audit.log to track file operations performed by Strawberry.
  • New: File hashing is throttle to 50MB/s by default.
  • New: Introduce general WatchDogJob to monitor all long running operations.
  • Improved: Updated Ruby to 3.1.2.
  • Improved: Updated RubyGems to 3.3.12.
  • Improved: Updated Bundler to 2.3.12.
  • Changed: Project quota is now calculated based on the assigned ‘quota team’.
  • Changed: Making Team quota great again.
  • Changed: Updated r3d-decoder to new R3DSDK.
  • Changed: Immediatly reindex Project after creation to allow it to be created without being opened.
  • Changed: WatchDogJob is run in a busy loop.
  • Changed: Enable file hashing by default.
  • Changed: Link Proxy files when linking the Asset.
  • Fixed: Slow upload speeds via the Skies panel.
  • Fixed: Load session modal was not shown after login via OpenID Connect.
  • Fixed: Project sessions can not be closed after reloading the frontend.
  • Fixed: Hover scrub slider blocked interactions with view player buttons.
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-32224, CVE-2022-31072, CVE-2022-32209, CVE-2022-30122, CVE-2022-30123, CVE-2020-26247.
  • Fixed: Reindexing a moved image sequence.
  • Fixed: Unicode exeptions when migrating clip names.
  • Fixed: Searching for dirnames in search_assets table.
  • Fixed: Refresh unmounted projects.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.15 (2022-07-01)

  • Fixed: Clicking on the proxy playback control buttons made to video playback position jump.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.14 (2022-05-23)

  • Changed: Temporarily disable the `sb repair` command to find orphaned proxy files.
  • Fixed: Duplicated validation error when trying to create a project without selecting a template.
  • Fixed: `sb repair` exception when running the ‘Whole Thing’ caused by the change of clip name.
  • Fixed: Migrating the database failed when asset clip_names contained invalid unicode.
  • Fixed: Sort headers did not update when switching between project and asset search.
  • Fixed: Advanced search filter in gallery search.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.13 (2022-05-16)

  • New: Add `UpdateInode` job to ease storage migration and manual archival retrievals.
  • New: Enable Skies HiRes downloads with limits and user roles.
  • New: Update `blackmagic-decoder`.
  • New: Automatically delete orphaned `Proxy` files. (A `Proxy` file is an orphan if it does not have a database entry pointing to it.)
  • New: Use `Asset` clip name when sorting by name.
  • New: Store Project size with and without linked-files.
  • New: Drop all Redis TTLs to prevent them from expiring and causing the `FolderIndexCleanupJob` to run prematurely.
  • New: IndexerWatchDogJob checks also the consistency of enqueued and processed list, e.g. when something is processed it also must be present in the enqueued list.
  • New: Improve logging when deleting obsolete `Proxy` files.
  • New: Show View farm version in the ‘Node and worker control’ section of the admin panel.
  • New: Download of hires media via Skies.
  • Improved: The event log now properly shows archive notifications and also enables Admins to show only errors.
  • Improved: Easier scrubbing through the proxy timeline.
  • Improved: Change uniqueness of `IndexDelegatorJob` to `until_and_while_executing` preventing clogging the queue with one job.
  • Improved: Prevent deleting Proxy files that do not live in our Proxy directory.
  • Improved: Changed preferred Mediator XML property from `Episode-Ttile` to `title`.
  • Improved: Treat archived libraries as archived and show them in the list of archived projects.
  • Improved: Sorting of nil values in search results.
  • Changed: Increase `assets` workers to 30 (e.g. Single file linking).
  • Changed: Remove IFF support.
  • Changed: Projects can now be sorted by ‘last open’ instead of ‘modified’.
  • Changed: Gallery asset download settings supersede the user’s capabilities.
  • Fixed: Race conditions when creating `Proxies` could lead to inconsistent icons and `Proxy` files.
  • Fixed: The indexer did not raise an error if the Project folder does not exist.
  • Fixed: Deletion of removed assets and assets without generic files for FolderIndexJobCleanup.
  • Fixed: UserSetting not being destroyed properly.
  • Fixed: Pagination for notifications.
  • Fixed: Deduplication has to honor the Timezone when comparing mtimes.
  • Fixed: UnarchiveJob did not properly update the search results.
  • Fixed: Exclude archived files with inode 0 from AddLinkedFilesFlagToGenericFiles migration.
  • Fixed: Updating the CustomMetadata of archived `Assets`.
  • Fixed: Archived ingest libraries are not shown in the admin panel.
  • Fixed: Pagination does not work for notifications in the admin panel.
  • Fixed: Error modal popup in the admin panel when Skies hub could not be reached.
  • Fixed: Filtering for asset failure notifications did not apply the notification type filter.
  • Fixed: Library ingest into a folder where an `Asset` already exists.
  • Fixed: Make share-via-email addresses case insensitive.
  • Fixed: Copy-Folder-To for Galleries with multiple storages.
  • Fixed: MXF clip_names were not being updated when files of the `Asset` changed.
  • Fixed: Event log layout in the admin panel.
  • Fixed: Correct Timezone in traffic consumption view.
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-21831
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-24790
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-24795
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-23437
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-22577

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.12 (2022-02-23)

  • Fixed: Linking Mediator packages into a project twice caused an exception.
  • Fixed: Database migrations failed to run in certain situations.
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-23634.
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-23633.
  • Fixed: GHSA-fq42-c5rg-92c2.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.11 (2022-02-10)

  • New: Script to create an overview of space saved by hardlinks.
  • New: Introduce file size calculation basis as a setting. e.g. Base 2 or Base 10.
  • New: Include Assets not related via a subproject relation when downloading a Premiere Project.
  • New: Show Skies traffic consumption information in the admin panel.
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-23837
  • Fixed: CVE-2021-44528
  • Fixed: Enqueing a second encode job while the first one is still running displayed a broken image in the frontend until the second job finished.
  • Fixed: Multifile MXFs ending up as single file Assets when copied simultaneously.
  • Fixed: Encoding bug when using Pixstor Archive API.
  • Fixed: Project was deleted when Archiware Legacy API reported a failure on archive.
  • Fixed: False positive in Mediator Package matching causing files not being moved in the LibraryIngestJob.
  • Fixed: Mediainfo reported the sample rate for CAF files to be 100 time greater than it actually is.
  • Fixed: IndexDelegatorJob being randomly stuck on busy systems.
  • Fixed: Conforming of Premiere Projects uploaded back to their source PAM project does did not always work.
  • Changed: Default timeout to connect to P5 server for archiware is reduced to 60s.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.10 (2021-12-03)

  • Fixed: Restoring Archiware projects with the new logic.
  • Fixed: Leftover archiving metadata in case of archiving job failure.
  • Fixed: False archiving job error in case of clean-up job failure.
  • Improved: Permissions on `tmp` directory in strawrage root.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.9 (2021-11-25)

  • New: Configuration options for Archiware for restoring project with the new logic.
  • New: Generate reports after Archiware metadata backfills.
  • Improved: Log more performance related information for easier problem debugging.
  • Changed: Submitter of a gallery asset now always has access to the asset in the gallery.
  • Fixed: Filtering asset search results based on directory names searching for assets with multiple directories and/or display folders.
  • Fixed: In certain cases folders of mediator packages were hidden incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Repairing logic after moving files to a new storage.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.8 (2021-11-02)

  • Improved: Add capability to allow users without write access to modify metadata.
  • New: Approval workflow for gallery assets.
  • New: Allow to filter gallery assets based on their approval state.
  • New: Show a warning about trial license expiry.
  • Changed: ‘changed after’ asset search option was replaced with a date range picker.
  • Changed: Replaced projject force close with unlock edit feature.
  • Changed: New native archive strategies now only support the ‘plain’ format.
  • Fixed: Search filter dropdown sometimes do not render properly on M1 Mac.
  • Improved: Introducing new synchronization system for the indexer and a watch dog to resolve failures automatically.
  • Changed: [Breaking change] The logic handling Archiware P5 archiving/retrieving.
  • Added: A tool for backfilling Archiware P5 metadata into Strawberry database.
  • New: Frontend: Drag and drop upload of files to galleries and projects.
  • Changed: Frontend: Folders can now be created and renamed in projects.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.7 (2021-10-05)

  • Improved: Allow Mediator Packages to have M2V essence.
  • Fixed: CVE-2021-41098 for nokogiri.
  • Fixed: Uploading of files with unicode characters in file name.
  • Fixed: Updating asset description when user didn’t have access.
  • Improved: Do not recreate complete folder structure when linking folders.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.6 (2021-09-03)

  • Fixed: Encoding Mediator Package DASH proxies.
  • Changed: Added ‘.prlock’ to the factory denylist.
  • Fixed: Race condition when enqueue new GenericFileFingerprintingJobs.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.5 (2021-08-30)

  • Improved: Assets moved in LibraryIngests according to their metadata can now merge with existing Assets.
  • Improved: Always include Linked-Files for Pixit archiving.
  • New: Recurring clean-up job for Pixit archiving strategies.
  • Fixed: FolderIndexJob being randomly dropped from the queue.
  • Fixed: Unsupported Assets were not assigned a Proxy.
  • Fixed: Update Rails fixing CVE-2021-22942.
  • New: Extract additional metadata from Disney Mediator packages.
  • Fixed: Kumulate single Asset retrieval.
  • Changed: ProjectCleaner deletes empty folders as well.
  • New: Empty folders in a LibraryIngest watchfolder can now be deleted automatically.
  • New: Add fixing permissions/ownership of Strawberry main directories.
  • New: Add batch fixing permissions on all online projects.
  • New: Split up ‘normal’ and ‘share’ User list into two accordions in the admin panel.
  • Changed: Users can not be forced to set project status information when closing projects.
  • New: When using multiple open main projects, users can save the opened projects in ‘sessions’ and reopen them later
  • Fixed: Folder structure was not properly retained when linking nested folders into Galleries.
  • New: Always show Sequence names of Premiere Project files when initiating the download via the Skies Extension.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.4 (2021-08-06)

  • New: Always `chown root:root` top level project directories when fixing permissions.
  • Changed: Delete trash and snapshot directories for projects after archiving.
  • Changed: Make creating edits more transparent to the user.
  • Changed: Grouped notifications have been temporarily disabled until a bug in a upstream dependency is fixed.
  • Changed: The local Sidekiq queue is now processed by four processes. Both to improve performance and gather performance data.
  • Fixed: Indexer exception when updating generic files under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Folders were not shown in Galleries.
  • Fixed: Indexer exception causing image sequence assets not being updated.
  • Fixed: Obscure exception why trying to reencode assets that do not have generic files.
  • Fixed: Indexer exception when multiple image sequences are stored in the same directory.
  • Fixed: The daily search indexer update job could run in parallel.
  • Fixed: Temporary paths were not removed when importing single assets
  • Fixed: Skies import of Premiere projects that have been used on multiple operating systems did not always work.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.3 (2021-07-21)

  • Fixed: AtomicCounter was not reset error.
  • Fixed: CVE-2021-32740.
  • Fixed: CVE-2021-32823.
  • Fixed: Project details can not be expanded in Preditor
  • Fixed: Retrieve button was shown for archived assets when no project was opened.
  • Fixed: Unable to add subprojects in SEM.
  • Fixed: In Project Asset display style toggle was invisible.
  • New: Support for Mediator Packages.
  • New: Move files after library ingest according to metadata.
  • New: Add support for PixStor archiving/restoring and single asset retrieval
  • New: Add support for Kumulate archiving/restoring and single asset retrieval
  • Changed: It is now possible to switch between steps in Project creation modal.
  • Changed: Do not allow to archive linked files when using the ngenea strategy.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.2 (2021-06-07)

  • New: Support for AfterEffects in the Skies Adobe Panel.
  • New: Allow to set the Skies tier when creating new users.
  • New: Show the user’s authentication method in the admin panel.
  • New: Allow to create deep links into the application for projects and assets.
  • Changed: All notification related background job now run in a separate process.
  • Fixed: Descriptions could not be unset to an empty value.
  • Fixed: Retrieving single files from the archive left temporary directories on the storage.
  • Fixed: Download of high-res media did not work.
  • Fixed: `pamctl status` only worked when run in certain directories.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.1 (2021-05-27)

  • Fixed: Linking an image sequence did not copy the sequence’s GenericFiles.
  • Fixed: Do not update rubygems when installing Strawberry.

Changes in Strawberry v6.4.0 (2021-05-21)

  • New: Allow to organize Gallery contents in folders.
  • New: Allow to download whole Premiere projects as editing proxies via Skies.
  • New: Multiple submit to Gallery, release Asset and annotation update notification are grouped together when possible.
  • New: Add support for the Blackmagic RAW format.
  • New: Allow to set a custom wallpaper per Gallery.
  • New: Show the last time a user signed in in the admin panel.
  • New: Allow to set a custom message when sharing assets via email.
  • New: Allow to set a password when sharing assets via email.
  • New: Allow to revoke share via email links.
  • New: Skies access level for users can be configured.
  • New: Support for archiving using Pixit Media ngenea
  • Improved: Internal metadata handling is closer to the actual representation of the source files.
  • Improved: Feedback of changes made by other users is faster.
  • Improved: EXIF metadata extraction is supported for more file formats.
  • Improved: Performance by updating to the latest versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • Changed: Gallery manager are always allowed to download assets.
  • Changed: Remove log_poll_frequency option from archiware.yml configuration file.
  • Changed: Prevent all external libraries from archiving.
  • Fixed: Custom metadata of de-selected sets is still displayed and searchable.
  • Fixed: Certain Premiere project files could not be indexed.
  • Fixed: Prevent Archiware archiving if there are no files to be archived.
Last modified: Jul 11, 2024

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