Modern CPUs utilize hardware acceleration to create SHA-512 fingerprints and can hash up to roughly a Gigabyte of raw data per second. To prevent fingerprinting from consuming too much bandwidth between the Strawberry server and the shared storage, the process is throttled by Strawberry.

Strawberry can run up to 3 simultaneous fingerprinting jobs from which each one is limited to 50 MB/sec. This means that 3 jobs result in a maximum hashing throughput of 150MB/sec. The limit is arbitrary and can be changed from the Strawberry console as follows:

Changing the Fingerprinting Speed


  1. SSH login to the Strawberry server as root.
  2. Type sb console and press enter. This will launch the Rails command line.
  3. Type Settings.file_hashing_max_speed and press enter. This will show you the current hashing speed per job in bytes.
  4. Now type Settings.file_hashing_max_speed = x.megabyte, whereby x represents your new value.
  5. Press enter to apply your changes.
  6. Type exit and then press enter to leave the console.

Please note that changing the hashing speed will take effect immediately, meaning a restart of Strawberry services is not required. Fingerprinting jobs that are currently running will use the previous speed value, while enqueued jobs will use the new one as soon as they are being processed.

Last modified: Jul 04, 2022

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