This feature allows Administrators to delete one or multiple projects permanently. When deleting a project, its project files, media files, as well as proxy files and database entries will be deleted permanently.


  1. Log into the Administration panel and click on the “PRojects” tab
  2. Expand the “Manage Online Projects” bar
  3. Select the project(s) that you want to delete and press the “Delete” button below the project list
  4. Confirm the warning message to permanently delete the project(s)

What happens when a project is being deleted?

  1. First, the project will be hard-linked to a Strawberry-managed trash folder. Within that trash folder, a subfolder is created with the time of the deletion, e.g. trash/project_trash_test/2022.01.12_13.56.55. Files in the trash folder will be permanently purged after a customizable time period.
  2. Then all files from the project files will be removed from projects/projects, media_1/media, etc.
  3. Lastly, All Strawberry-managed Snapshots of the project will be removed.
Last modified: Jan 13, 2022

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