1. Log into the Administration panel and click on the “Assets” tab
  2. Expand the “Custom Asset Metadata” bar
  3. Click on the Metadata Set that you want to populate with a drop-down menu
  4. Once the set is expanded, click on the “Add Item” button located below the set
  • Name: The name of the text input field as the users will see it (for example: “Keywords”)
  • Type: Text Input
  • Maximum Characters: The number of characters users can type into that field. 0 equals infinite.
  • Restrict input to: Restrict input to “numbers only”, “letters only” or “numbers & letters”. “No restriction” will allow any UTF-8 character.
  • Pattern: Not relevant for text input
  • Mandatory: Defines if this value is mandatory (checked) or optional (unchecked)

Press “Confirm” when finished

Last modified: Mar 24, 2021

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