1. Login to the Strawberry Admin panel
2. Click on “Assets”
3. Click on the “Proxy File Configuration” bar to expand it

In here you can set the proxy file properties as following:


Choose a resolution for your proxy files. The bitrate of the streaming proxies will be set automatically based on the resolution you have selected. Available resolutions are:

  • Same as Source
  • 1920 × 1080
  • 1280 × 720
  • 640 × 360

Image Sequence Recognition

When Strawberry detects an image sequence (Basename & Count) with more than 20 individual images in it, it will create a single preview MP4 file out of it. An image sequence must have a delimiter between its basename and its count. Valid delimiters are “-” (dash), ”.” (dot) and “_” (underscore). “sequence-name_001” is an example of a valid naming convention.

Image Label Burn-In

Enable this option if you want Strawberry to burn layer names into proxies based on Photoshop files.

Timecode Burn-In for downloadable proxies

If you wish to have a video time code burned into your downloadable versions of proxy files you should enable this feature. Proxy files streamed within Strawberry have a dynamic Timecode overlay that can be toggled bottom, top or off.

Timecode label position for downloadable proxies

Defines whether the proxy time codes are burned into the bottom or top of downloadable proxy files

Visual Watermark

Check this box if you want Strawberry to burn a visual watermark into your proxy files. Please be aware that applying visual watermarks to proxy files will reduce the speed in which proxy files will be encoded. Please only use this feature if absolutely necessary.

Watermark Position

Decide on which position of the screen your watermark image should be visible

Watermark Image

Upload a Watermark image as a .png file. The image should not be larger than your current proxy resolution and should have a transparent background. You can download example watermarks here: dl.projective.io/manuals/supporting_files/Example_Proxy_Watermarks.zip

Watermark Preview

Previews your uploaded watermark in respect of the current proxy resolution as well as the current Timecode burn-in position.

Last modified: Jan 12, 2021

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