1. Run the ​.pkg​ installer
2. Follow the installation instructions
3. Start Osiris via Spotlight search or from within the macOS “Applications” folder
4. Upon the first launch you will see this message:

5. Click “OK” and wait for the “System Preferences” window to open.
6. Now click on “Full Disk Access” and unlock the settings by clicking on the lock icon in the lower-left corner.

7. Once the settings are unlocked, check the box next to the “Osiris” entry.

8. Start Osiris again. If you still see the message “Application Helper Authorization denied by macOS”, check the troubleshooting section on the bottom of this page.
9. Once you have created your first Osiris mount and attempted to mount it, you will see the following messages. It might be that you see two different messages for the same thing, but please focus on the message as shown here:

10. Click on “Open Security Preferences”
11. Once the “Security Preferences” window is open, click on the lock in the lower-left corner to unlock the settings.

12. Once the settings are unlocked, click on the “Allow” button next to the message “System software from developer “Benjamin Fleischer” was blocked from loading”.


I have granted Osiris “Full Disk Access” but I still see the message “Application Helper Authorization denied by macOS”.

1. Go to “System Preferences” → “Privacy” and click on “Full Disk Access”
2. Check the box next to the entry “io.projective.osiris.continuumtransfunctionerhelper”

3. Start Osiris again

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020

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