This section explains the indexer-related operations which you can perform on your online project(s).

1. Log into the Administration panel and click on the “PROJECTS” tab
2. Expand the “Manage Online Projects” bar
3. Checkbox the project(s) on which you want to perform an indexer operation
4. Click on the “Indexer” button below the project list. This button was called “View” in older Strawberry versions

The following choices will appear:

  • Rescan Project(s)
    Scans the project for new, modified & deleted media files and adds the changes to the database
  • Rewrite Timecode
    Re-calculates the timecodes for all assets inside the selected project(s). Overwrites the existing timecode with the newly calculated one. This only applies to download versions of proxy files!
  • Reencode Everything
    Deletes all proxy files from the selected project(s) and writes new ones.
  • Update Proxy Structure
    Updates the proxies in the selected project to the most recent proxy structure version. Newer proxy structures are required for Skies-based remote editing. This operation does only re-encode a proxy if it has been created with a Strawberry version older than 5.4 and if the source asset has more than one audio track.

5. Make your choice and click on “Confirm”

Last modified: Sep 24, 2020

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