Requirements for Video Files

For Strawberry to be able to create a Skies editing proxy, the source file must meet all of the following criteria:

  • A streamable proxy exist in Strawberry
  • The source file is in a project or library that is located on the production (online) storage
  • The source file has video and audio wrapped inside a single container (e.g. .mov or .mxf)

This also means that the following example file types can not currently be converted into editing proxies:

  • Image Sequences
  • MXF files imported via Avid Media Composer (as each video and audio track is a separate file on the storage)
  • P2 media (as video and audio tracks are distributed across various card folders)
  • Red Camera footage
  • Any file that is in the archive

Requirements for Audio and Image files

Audio and image files imported via the Skies panel will remain “untouched”, meaning they will be downloaded and imported “as is” without any prior encoding or conversion.

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020

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