1. Download the latest Strawberry Adobe Premiere CC Panel that matches your current Strawberry version: https://projective.io/support/product-downloads/
2. Close all Adobe CC applications running on your computer
3. Extract the .zip to a local hard drive (the installation will NOT work from a network or USB location)
4. Go into the extracted folder “Strawberry-AdobePanel-5.x.x”
5. MacOS: Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator! Double-click on the “install.command” file. Once the installation has been completed you will see the following success message: “Strawberry AdobePanel installed successfully”.

6. Windows: Double-click on the “install.cmd”. Once the installation has been completed, the command prompt will return a success message.

7. Make sure that the Premiere Media Preferences are set accordingly to our recommendations

Last modified: Jan 07, 2020

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