Before configuring an ingest library you’ll need to create an ingest watch folder. Ingest watch folders can be created inside the “strawberry-ingest” folder on your shared storage. If you wish to use a different watch folder location, please contact us.

1. Go to “Projects / Manage Libraries” and checkbox the Library that you created in the previous step. The library will be shown as “Not Configured”

2. Click on the “Edit” button below the library project list. The following options appear:

  • “Name” – Name of the Library
  • “Watchfolder Type” – “Library Ingest” or “External Library” Select “Ingest Library” here
  • “Ingest Path” – The path to the ingest watch folder as seen by the Strawberry server
  • “Target Storage” – The storage to which ingested content should be moved. This is only relevant if Strawberry is controlling multiple storage systems.
  • “Encoding Priority” – The encoding priority for proxy files in this Library. The ratio between normal and high priority is 1:4
  • “Transmission Check” – The type of transmission check that should be performed before and after the media has been moved from the ingest watch folder to the target library.

Last modified: Aug 09, 2019

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